Monday, April 3, 2006

Chapter 2: A Ponytail and a Sweet Smile

Men really are dumb, you know. At least where it comes to women. They could fall in love for even the most silliest and most ridiculous reasons, the dress she is wearing, the way she has done her hair, the perfume she has got on her.

Or maybe, I should not generalise. I should say "I really am dumb..", coz that's exactly what happened to me. I fell flat over this girl for the way she did her hair, and the beautiful smile that used to play on her lips.

She was a newcomer to school, joined us in class 11. She was in my batch but not in my class, and I used to catch glimpses of her here and there on the campus. And what struck me the most was her hair-do. Later, I ran into her totally accidentally at a math exhibition. What happened was that we both were placing exhibits on display and hers happened to be placed right next to ours. And on top of that, due to the lack of electricity outlets, her team had to plug their equipment onto the extension box we happened to posses.

And, we had quite a lot of light chit-chat and merrymaking and I found out that she was a pleasant character. And that's how I came to like her.

But what really happened was, a couple of my friends talked me into "being bold" and "proposing to her", and I decided it was time I grew out of my shell !!! And the next day, I accosted her, or rather tried to do so. However she probably smelled out my intentions because, when I went up to her and told her that I needed to talk to her on something in private, she just freaked out and ran off !!! And that was during the lunch break at school and that day I lost my appetite.

Some of my friends came around to console me in my plight and one of my best friend solicited another of my friends, a girl, to talk to this girl. And incidentally, and you might find this as the icing on the cake, that girl who was solicited was the girl I mentioned in chapter 1 !!! God, the world really is a confounded place !!!

Ever since that day, the two of us did not talk to each other. And if by chance we happened to run into each other, I'd turn back and head the way I came from and she'd do the same !!! Looking back, that was really fun. Both of us were as scared of each other as a mouse is of a cat !!! Or at least, I was..

The next development in this direction came towards the time we were to leave school. We were all busy getting our friends to sign our slam books, and two of my best friends came up with the idea of taking mine to her. They forced it out of my hands and despite my agitated protests, took it up to her. And to my biggest surprise, she penned down something like

"You're one person I won't forget forever!! And man !! u do 've guts. But not too much coz after that ****ing incident u 've'nt talked to me. Actually, why do u need my autograph coz u'll ne'er 4get me, will u?"

That turned the tables around. By that time, the infatuation had long subsided and all I wanted was to be friends. And bingo! I was there. It was like what, a reconciliation after an entire year !!! It sure felt good..

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