Thursday, April 6, 2006

Leaps and Falls: Epilogue

I don't want to give the impression that I'm a cracked up nut-head. Nor do I want to hurt or embarrass anyone by publishing this write-up. I was wondering, maybe its time I buried this hatchet and carried on with life. And in that respect, you could say, this is a sort of a confession.

And I should say, from all those bittersweet experiences, that in spite of all the misery when you learn that those people you care so much about don't give a dime about you, love is still a most wonderful and sublimely beautiful thing; because it gives you hope; and that hope is what drives you, it is what forges a survivor out of you, it is what makes every day a miracle and every sorrow nothing but a mirage..

Dear Reader,

Like I mention in the introduction, this series of posts are a piece of writing from my boyhood days. I had subsequently removed them but decided to restore them because they are indeed reflective upon a phase of my life. Yet there are portions of this that make me blush in embarrassment, and remind me how much I have come from the boy I used to be.

Hence do take this with a grain of salt, and I hope you take away the humor, but no offense from these. Subsequent life has taught me much, and I've met many people, including girlfriends, who have been much closer to me than anyone here, and who have taught me a whole lot more. However, let this remain here as a reminder of the boy that I once used to be.


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