Saturday, April 1, 2006

Leaps and Falls: A flagship of Enamourment !

Dear reader,

Please bear with me that this is a short essay I published a long long time ago - sometime around 2006 - as a series of 6 blog posts. At a subsequent moment when the grown up self looked back upon the writings of the much younger self, it felt embarrassed - and I had removed these posts from this blog.

However, the self keeps growing, and one learns over time that such embarrassment is unwarranted, that there is little to be ashamed of the inferior self that once was; for it is all part of the rights of passage of learning and of growing up. Hence I have brought these posts back to this blog, unedited and rife in their former foolhardiness.

Do note however, that the context of these posts are from the time when I used to live in India, and hence the language and phraseology correspond to that and might strike an American reader strange. For example, where I say 'propose to someone,' whereas in America that means 'ask someone's hand in marriage,' in India that means 'ask someone out / ask someone to be your girlfriend/boyfriend' - you get the idea.
I considered compiling an appendix of phraseology differences but decided that the juice is not worth the squeeze. However, if something strikes you odd, feel free to ask.

Otherwise, Happy reading..



I remember a certain Readers Digest feature, "Answered! Life's Toughest Questions," in the April 2006 edition of the magazine. One of the questions in it was "Can a man and a woman ever just be friends?" and the answer intriguingly was "For a short time. Making the friendship last requires that you find each other at least vaguely repulsive. Good luck!" I must say, my experiences corroborate with their answer.

Cupid and I have been friends for quite a long time. And there have been many times when I have had crushes on various girls. And noteworthy among them are basically four chapters which I am penning down here.

Chapter 1 : Cupid's first arrow
Chapter 2 : A ponytail and a sweet smile
Chapter 3 : A most eventful chapter
Chapter 4 : A stint and a broken arrow

Love is a most beautiful thing. I have always believed in it though it has not always lived up to my expectations. And who ever warns you to be careful with it, take my word on it that it is a feeling like no other. It can make you capable of things you never so far thought possible. It can brighten your day, even when mired in the most daunting of straits. The sanguineness it brings is beyond what words can express.

But then, this is not an article intended on detailing love. Instead it is a story of my close encounters with it, penned down so that anyone of you interested in some light good funny reading might find just that !

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