Monday, April 25, 2011

Countries within a country

I'm slowly realizing that America, or more specifically the United States of America, is actually two broad psychological nations in one physical nation. It's queer to make this realization, because the import of it for me is immense.

One of these nations is the America that we see on TV every day. Big money boys and girls who like the dazzle of the money and live for the downtown life. These are full of frat boys, ass holes and abominable people of all sorts; their life is spent in making layer over layer of middlemenry between the producer and the consumer. Examples include stockbrokery (aka legal gambling), the insurance industry and the insurance of insurance industry, securities and the many layers of these etc. And oh, not to forget the TV show industry (I make a fine line between the modern brain-dead sitcom/TV-show industry and say hollywood or the music industry because the latter actually produces something like movies or music.)

Unfortunately, that is the visible america. The nation of takers as one wall street journal article recently called it.

However, unseen underneath this obnoxious overt nation is another country altogether: incidentally called country life :). Yes, they're the farmers and lumberjacks and the many small town people of America, who keep horses, drive pick-up trucks, Ford 350s and Ram3000s, and live a self sufficient lifestyle.

While the present recession (unlike a lot of self-proclaimed and degree-proclaimed economists of the brain-dead nature, I do not see the recession as a thing of the past; rather I tend to think that the biggest waves of the recession are yet to come and that the tentacles of this recession will claw in many-fold deeper that it has up until now) will hit the bloated nation of takers, and hopefully rip them off their illegitimately/unethically earned fortunes, the pristine nation of the country-side I believe shall prevail.. thankfully !

Why do I say so? Unlike many other countries where the farmers are poor, downtrodden folk who're incapable of taking care of themselves; many of the farmers of the USA are the independent classic-american individuals who're more educated in a hands-on fashion, who can furnish the tools and implements they need, build the structures they need and survive in the wild much better than anyone else in the entire world. To the point where they depend very little on anything else, maybe gasoline aside. And therefore, even if the sky falls down on the world, they'll survive. They maybe hit by the rampant inflation in gas prices that's about to come, but not as bad as they city dwelling nation of takers.

Maybe it's justice in the raw form of nature. The beautiful America that is today is built by the great folks who I tend to think mostly hailed from the country-side nation. The greedy ornery folk that are destroying the nation on the other hand all belong to the nation of takers. Let them fall, while the good folk prevail !!


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