Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Things to Do Around Madison, WI

I'm planning to keep this as a listing of "all things happening" in Madison, and in the greater Wisconsin area. Especially because, I've been searching for these over and over, and so I believe there must be others too who are searching. If you find something to add to this, feel free to comment, and I'll update the post with the new info.
  • Meetup groups. Goto www.meetup.com and sign up. There in the Madison area, there are some interesting groups
    • If you get a Wisconsin union membership (you can buy it at the Union/terrace at their information desk inside or online) Fees: http://www.union.wisc.edu/membership-options.htm / You can either purchase a lifetime membership for $250 or annual for $50 Then you can 1. Take part in minicourses  2. Join any of the hoofer clubs
      • Minicourses http://www.union.wisc.edu/minicourses.htm / there are plenty of mini-courses (new ones get posted every now and again) which cover a lot of subject. Watch for how many open seats are there, and if it looks like the seats are not filling up by the date of the class, the class may be cancelled. However, if they cancel, you get a full refund of the class fee.
      • Hoofer clubs http://www.hoofers.org/  |  There are 6 clubs. Of these, I’ve tried the sailing club, the riding club, and the outing club. I’ve had good experiences with all of them. I must mention that I’m a little worried about this year’s (2012) sailing Club deal since the union building is being renovated and so the club may not have a lot of lakefront space this year. But I imagine they’ll work something out.I’d guess all the other clubs are good too, and may indeed foray into scuba this year.
        1. Sailing: http://lessons.hoofersailing.org/lessonsearch.php?search=open_events
        2. (horseback) Riding: http://lessons.hooferridingclub.org/lessonsearch.php?search=open_events
        3. Outing: http://events.hooferouting.org/lessonsearch.php?search=open_events
        4. Scuba: http://events.hooferscubaclub.org/lessonsearch.php?search=open_events
        5. Ski and snowboard: http://events.hoofersns.org/lessonsearch.php?search=open_events
        6. Mountaineering: http://www.hoofermountaineering.org/

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