Saturday, December 15, 2012

2013 Jeep Rubicon

So I guess I am impulsive to some degree? I have had my 2006 Jeep Liberty for a while now - about two years.
I loved the jeep experience - it's a great brand and a great vehicle. Unlike a lot of people who rave over Japanese brands and pan down on American makes, I have been quite happy with this Jeep as well as my previous car; a 1999 Ford Mustang (yes, my first car was mustang ;)! )

However, I've had a couple of cases of the windows dropping in - this was something I was aware of when I bought the vehicle, and the warranty I had purchased covered it always. But my big peeve was that this was not a stick shift. And now that I had it for two years, I was starting to look for a new vehicle.

That's when the Jeep wrangler bug bit me!

Now Jeeps (even in India) are a big thing - driven usually by soldiers, cops etc. Unfortunately though, the wrangler with it's short length didn't quite cut it for me that wants to be able to carry quite a bit of stuff etc.

That's when I came across the Wrangler Unlimited; and I was sold on sight.

The wrangler unlimited was the perfect boxy man-car that I was looking for! With the stretched length, the wrangler unlimited solves the cargo capacity problem I was worried about. It's also got a hardtop / is the only affordable SUV which is also a convertible. All of this got the larger-than-life part of me pretty sold.

And so there I was building out 2013 jeep rubicons on the jeep website with an intent to buy around April 2013. Pretty soon, I was a member of and was learning up more and more about Jeeps and people that drive jeeps. That's when I came across a picture of a hot chick with a bright green Wrangler. I must confess, I have a soft spot for bright green, and that color basically sold me - I had to have it.

Unfortunately, jeep was scheduled to stop production of the Gecko green as I found out the color was called, by late december 2013. This prompted a trip to the local dealer - Don Miller Jeep Dodge Ram on Odana road. My sales person Kieth was an amazing person to work with, and pretty soon I had an order placed for a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon in Gecko green - there's something about knowing that you have your own non-cookie cutter car built specially for you :)

Then the waiting game began.. But finally today, I am the proud owner of said car - I even have the window sticker saved up which shows built specifically for me !

Driving the Jeep is fun - big wheels, amazing off-road capabilities, a sweet six speed standard transmission, an amazing audio system etc are the benefits. Also, sitting high up and having an immensely vast view of the road ahead adds enormously to safety. Being able to take the top off is a bonus for the summer. All in all, this is no cookie-cutter car, and fun ride in every way!


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