Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jeep Roof Rack - I did that myself !

Ok, not all by myself - my wonderful pastor Bob from church helped me with it. But yes, I ordered the Off-Camber Fabrications MBRP Jeep Wrangler 4 door roof rack ( ) and then set it up with my pastor.

I am especially proud, because the installation involves drilling holes into the Jeep's hard top!

The parts came in a giant box about 5 ft x 3 ft x 1 ft. I ordered it from 

Unboxed and took everything to my pastor's house. We first pasted the templates on the walls and set the parts against it.

The passenger side lined up more or less, but the driver's side was a little harder.We figured that it had enough give so it will be okay once we drill the holes - took that leap of faith and started drilling.

Putting the first hole was hard - eighteen zillion worries of 'I'm drilling the hard-top, this is irreversible,' went  through my head. But after that it went, in a breeze.

Pretty soon, we had all the holes drilled out, and we bolted everything in, first on the driver's side and then on the passenger side.

And so now I have a pimped up jeep with a pretty cool roof rack that I can proudly say I put in myself!



  1. Hello, I want to install this roof rack too. I would like to know what do you think about this roof rack now? Do you like it or not?

  2. It has held up two winters without any issues. The pro sides are, it looks really cool - everyone notices it. It does the job effectively of holding stuff on the roof - I've put a full sized couch on top and sat on it ! It's also a great grab handle when you want to climb onto the jeep roof etc.
    The cons are - It does take away a little bit from the side-view mirror. You'll have to get used to that. Also, I feel it's a little harder to find accessories (like kayak J racks) etc for it since the members are larger diameter than a regular roof rack..