Sunday, June 16, 2013


Went kayaking with the 20-something meetup group today. We hit the water at the Wingra park on Lake Wingra. Even though I have a kayak, I didn't bother taking it with me, since one I haven't figured out car topping with the new jeep, and two I'm planning to sell the kayak to my office colleague pretty soon anyhow.

So ended up renting a kayak at $12 for the first hour and $6 every additional hour. We were out on the water about an hour and 40 minutes or so. There were some 15ish of us. We had a good time.

It's disappointing though; the 20-something group is 1,421 people strong; yet only some 20 of us go for outdoor events. It almost feels like more people go for events like concerts on the rooftop at the monona terrace than for outdoor events like biking or kayaking. Anyhow; I've made a rule I won't complain much on here, or even in life in general - so yeah!

We paddled out to one of the springs feeding lake Wingra; it was a great sight - I've actually been to that spring on the land end but it was cool to find it from the water as well.

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