Saturday, June 15, 2013


Yes, it's only been a few months since I bought the Wrangler. But I did it - bought a motorcycle :)

One of my friends here was looking for a motorcycle, and while poring over craigslist ads with him, I came across a red honda rebel that looked cool, and was selling at $2600. That was the impulse that set off all the balls in motion.

I called that seller up, and test rode the cycle, but didn't quite like the way the gear box behaved.

However, I found a dealer selling a 2003 Honda Rebel blue from Darien, WI for about $2000. So called them up, and scheduled an appointment for Saturday June 8th. My friend Mohit drove me to the dealer - and I test rode the cycle and found it in pretty good shape. The dealer had also put in new tires, and done an oil change and other routine service; so that was a plus.

I wanted to get an engine guard and passenger seat backrest (called sissy bar in motorcycle slang) installed, but since the dealer was not a honda dealer, they didn't have the parts in stock. So it was a big question, whether I should buy it then and add these later or come back another day. However, I decided to buy it, which I think is turning out for the best, since I ordered the sissy bar and the engine guard off of amazon. I installed the sissy bar myself - a good experience in working on the motorcycle myself - and I plan to do the same with the engine guard - honing my skills at working on vehicles.

Anyhow, the ride back was about 65 miles - an hour and a half of riding. That was the first time in a long long time that I'd ridden a motorcycle, but it went rather well - and now I look forward to lots of riding in the summer. I guess, the best part is, I get 70 miles to a gallon, so that when I have the itch to hit the road, I don't have to pay as much for fuel as I used to!

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