Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This is the End (movie review)

Mohit, Tushar and I saw this movie yesterday. It was Mohit's birthday yesterday and so the movie was in celebration of that. Mohit's done with grad school, and soon moving to California - now I need to find a new best friend in Madison :(  .. anyhow.

I had just gotten a spanner-wrench from Englehart motors to adjust the shocks on my honda rebel. While riding with Hanna and Marissa last friday, it felt like the shocks were bottoming out and the wheel rubbing a bit - and so I wanted to stiffen up the shocks a bit. Turns out, the previous owner had the shocks completely misaligned - one side was high on stiffness, and the other was set low. Fixed that and set both sides to 4-5, and I wanted to ride it out and see. So rode home from work, even though there was thunderstorms in the forecast, and had Mohit come pick me up.

We went to AMC star cinema for the movie. The movie itself was beneath mediocre - it was bad. It scares me to imagine that the contemporary movie goers rate a movie such as this an 8.0 on a scale of 1-10 on IMDB - is this really what people's expectation of entertainment is coming down to?

Why do I pan down on the movie? First off there's no much of a story line. It looks like Seth Rogen started out thinking of a movie about bridging the gap between old friends and new friends, and then threw in the "apocalypse" into it, and then forgot to steer the movie in any particular direction. In the end, there's not much of a story line, there's a lot of weed, a lot of foul language that wasn't necessary for the movie and feels slapped on in a slipshod fashion, there's a lot of grown men acting like thumbsuckers, and a lot of doing the most stupid option of all available options, etc etc.

Basically, throughout the whole movie, I was feeling like - how can anyone find any of this funny? Ok, the hangover was sort of fine and even good in some respects because of actually having an interesting story line, and the element of novelty; but whatever reputation Seth Rogen built through that movie was just flushed down a gigantic toilet bowl through this movie.


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