Friday, July 12, 2013

Point Beach Group Camping

Went camping with the Madison Area Outdoor Group ( ) last weekend - actually I headed out on July 4th, and so it was 4 days/3nights - took Friday off as well.

Point Beach is about a good 3.5 hours drive from Madison. Took highway 151 all the way through Chilton to Manitowoc and then headed on 42 to Two rivers. Got to check off another Rustic road, #16, which runs between Two Rivers and the State forest.

On day 1, I didn't do a whole lot. Set up my tent, and then went to Two Rivers for the fourth of July fireworks. The group campsite was pretty cool, I got to set up the tent in a pine grove.

The fireworks at Two Rivers, while not as great as Rhythm and Booms, was pretty cool. Came back and sat around the campfire until midnight, and then called it a day.

The next day, we went for a bike ride from Two Rivers to Manitowoc and back. Had lunch at small bar in Manitowoc as well. The trail along the lake Michigan shore is quite beautiful, and not all that crowded. And most of that stretch was sandy beaches. So it was a fun ride. We went over to the marina and walked along the quay to the channel entrance too. Later in the day, went out to find the campsite showers, which were on the private campsite side, across the road from where we were. The showers at Point Beach are quite clean and convenient I'd say. Later that day I went for a walk along the Point Beach with another friend form the group. There was some dead fish on the beach which did make the beach not all that appealing.

The next day was mostly spent at the Two Rivers public beach. For the most part, sat in the sun and read the fourth book in the Game of Thrones. Also went in the water for a little bit. Later that day, I took my 3 speed automatic cruising bicycle with coaster brakes on the mountain biking trail they had near the campsite - the bike is strictly a trail bike and not meant to be on a mountain bike trail, but it held up. It was fun riding that trail, aside from the mosquitoes.

The last day, took down the tent in the morning, went for a shower, and later went over to the lighthouse to take some pictures. The lighthouse itself is operational and therefore US Navy federal property. So couldn't do a tour of it. But walked about it and took some good pictures. Also stopped at the park office, and got a few more wisconsin wildcards to add to my collection :)

Overall, it was a real good time!

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