Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Children of Abuse

they say, what grows in a fire, don't wilt in the sun
but the fire scorches you, burns away the fun
leaving you branded, weighing down a ton
yet it makes you stronger, all through your run

children of abuse, yoked to burdens of sorrow
plodding forward on, seeking a new tomorrow
not knowing one bit, what dawns on the morrow
oh there ain't a confidant, with joy to borrow

facing these waters, deep of uncertainty
asking for not much, just morsels of amity
wanting nothing but mere, peaceful clarity
flirting with borders, that fence 'gainst insanity

children of abuse, that wanders the roads of life
clothed in the thick skin, that hides all the strife
drinking from waters, of unsweetened grief
oh you I salute, on this run oh so brief!

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