Sunday, August 3, 2014

Long Cross Country flight

Today was predominantly just the long cross country flight.

Flew C29 - Middleton > EFT - Monroe > PVB - Platteville > C35 - Reedsburg > 91C - Prairie Du Sac > C29 - Middleton.

Landed and got out at both EFT and PVB. At PVB, needed to pee, and so that officially became the first instance in my flying career of going into an FBO/Airport Facility other than C29 and MSN (with Pete).

Took some great pictures of Black Hawk lake etc on my way back

 At C35, the runway was some 2590x50. That's the shortest and narrowest runway I've solo-ed at so far. It was the hardest approach too, you're pretty much flying on top of building up until about 300 ft from the runway.

On the way back from C35, flew over the Mid Continent Railway Museum and took this picture

And EFT as well as C35 had downslopes. Runway 20 at EFT slopes down. Likewise, runway 25 at C35 slopes down.

On the way back, on an impulse decided to land at 91C as well, since I'm endorsed for that. So made the long XC a 5 hop one.

Also noteworthy, got lost twice.

Once around Monticello, WI - I didn't keep track of towns, and so thought Monticello was New Glarus for a while. Managed to correct that one myself.

The other was around Darlington, WI. I ended up over Gratiot, WI and thinking that was Darlington. That was pretty bad. I don't know how I would have corrected myself either - ended up having to turn the GPS back on on that one.

Anyhow, the rest of the flight was uneventful. Happy about that. Took 2.7 hrs though!


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